Victorian Alps – Craig’s Hut


Originally built as a temporary set for an Australian blockbuster movie “The Man from Snowy River” in 1981, Craig’s Hut is now a very popular tourist attraction. Located not far from the Mount Stirling summit, it perfectly complements astonishing views of Victorian Alps, creating even better landscapes.

Craigs Hut is situated on Mt Stirling, about 40 km east of Mansfield. There are 2 ways to get here: by driving down Mt Buller Rd, turning onto Circuit Rd and looking for the signposted access 20 km east of Telephone Box Junction, then walking in from the Circuit Rd carpark; or by taking your 4WD down Clear Hill Track off Circuit Rd. The drive in is a botanically scenic route that takes you from fern-lined gullies up through stands of mountain ash and into snow gum territory.