Morning wave, Terrigal


Featuring the iconic Skillion, Terrigal beach front is dominated by a line of well-established Norfolk pines along The Esplanade. Terrigal is one of the more popular resorts on the coast and has become a ritzy, up-market social centre.

A pathway beneath the tress leads along the beach out to Broken Head and the oddly-shaped headland known as ‘The Skillion’.

The Skillion is the most prominent landmark of the region, with a steep cliff facing the ocean rising to a convenient lookout area that is easily accessed by a flat grassy area leading up from the reserve.

Most popular activities along the Terrigal stretch of coast are surfing, swimming, boating, waterskiing and fishing. Anglers regularly find flathead, snapper, and jewfish offshore, and flathead, blackfish and bream in the surf.