About Me

Hi there.  My name is Jack Siu.

I love travelling.  I am passionate about observing how people live in other parts of the world.  Experiencing different cultures is such an exhilarating privilege – the food, the sounds, the textures, the colours, and the people.

I love this country I was born in – Australia.  I call myself extremely blessed to be born and raised in what has been labelled ‘the lucky country’.  I am forever thankful for the opportunities that allow me to follow my dreams.

I simply love photography.  Right from the moment I was given my first camera at age 11, back when you had to have your roll of film developed to find out how many pictures had turned out well, I was hooked forever.  I owe my thanks to famous landscape photographers like Ken Duncan, Ansel Adams and others not so famous but equally talented with their own styles and ways of seeing their world; they’ve inspired me to go and capture the beauty that surround us in people and in places.

Finally, I love storytelling.  Every picture tells a story.  My camera lens is my way of picture-storytelling; a single moment captured on film (or pixels!) tells a story that otherwise would have taken countless words.

I want to tell the story of a person’s journey through life.  The cityscape that reflects busyness and chaos.  The windswept sands of the desert that echoes isolation.  The peace and tranquility that I see in still waters.  The hope that refreshes in each sunrise……

Yes, my lens tells many stories and I hope they reflect the beauty that I see that speaks of creation and redemption.

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